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  • Malaga Metro project.
  • FCC contributes.
  • Benefits for the population.
  • A new concept in city mobility.

FCC has participated in the project for lines 1 and 2 of Malaga Metro, a transport network based on several light-metro lines that brings the inhabitants closer to the city.

The Malaga Metro project consists of the execution of the first two lines for the Malaga city metro of which only three kilometres run along the surface, the rest is underground. We have fifteen underground stations and five on the surface.

Malaga is a radial city on the coast and the metro is also being developed in a radial manner, line 2 is parallel to the coast and line 1 runs from the west to the university campus.

This is truly a revolution for Malaga and is intended to provide the city with a fast, modern and efficient transport mode.

Safety was one of the main matters taken into account throughout the entire project.

Some 4,000 people have participated in all works processes, from project preparation, actual execution and operation.

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